The user comes first

We take a user focused approach. We enjoy working on projects where the end user is part of the greater public. This is why a lot of our projects revolve around mobile technologies, retail technologies, and overall the in-store experience.

Collecting retail analytics at JAKE

JAKE, a high fashion boutique in San Francisco, worked with Phlint to collect data from in-store and window displays to optimize marketing efforts.

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A cohesive brand experience with Google

Phlint has worked with Google's Android Marketing teams on the Nexus and Pixel line of devices to develop retail focused applications that improve the in-store experience.

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Traffic Analysis for the NFL Players Association

The Trust, powered by the NFLPA, worked with Phlint to create digital displays capable of monitoring traffic in popular areas within event venues.

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Working on something cool?

Let's talk. We love all things User Experience. We work with big players and early stage startups (future big players).