User Research is at the core

We create a comprehensive usability analysis of your existing software flow and devise a strategy to reach your goals and fully engage users.

Phlint Consulting

Retail Analytics

Gather information from your customer's journey through their in-store shopping experience. Visualize the insights that matter most and learn about your customers.

Software Development

Phlint offers an end-to-end solution for mobile application development for the iOS and Android platforms. If your team is looking for a mobile software solution, we work closely with you to build it.

User Research

You understand your target market. User Research and Testing will help you create the experience that delivers the best results for your customers.

Phlint Connect

Experience Design

We are UX focused. User Experience is all-encompassing. Our design process starts from ideation and continues through product launch.

Visual Design

From initial concepts to final extraction of visual design assets, our team will help you create a design that reflects your brand.

UX and Product Design

Phlint helps companies of any size design, test, and implement research based UX strategies. Starting from thumbnail sketches to development, we offer a complete solution.

Phlint Digital

Brand Development

Consistent branding and design is seated at the core of many endeavors. Our team can help you execute your digital efforts from launch to growth.

Digital Strategy

Customers can spot a truly great experience and it pays to have a powerful brand that takes them through the entire journey. Phlint Digital helps clients take their brands to the next level.

Digital Marketing

Driving traffic to your website is a two way street. Our team helps you create a campaign that can drive traffic to your website both organically and with paid online advertising.

Working on something cool?

Let's talk. We love all things User Experience. We work with big players and early stage startups (future big players).